BER – Biological & Environmental Research

BGC – Biogeochemical cycle(s), Biogeochemical cycling

CCSM – Community Climate System Model

CESM – Community Earth System Model

CLM – Community Land Model, in CCSM or CESM

CWG – Soil Carbon Working Group, at USGS Powell Center

CUE – Carbon-use efficiency

DIN – Dissolved inorganic nitrogen

DOC – Dissolved organic carbon

DOM – Dissolved organic matter

DON – Dissolved organic nitrogen

DOE – Department of Energy

E3SM – Energy Exascale Earth System Model

ELM – E3SM Land Model

EMSL – Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

ESM – Earth System Model

HREC- Hopland Research and Extension Center

IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

ISCN – International Soil Carbon Network

MAG – Metagenome-assembled genomes

MBC – Microbial biomass carbon

MOA – Mineral-organic associations

NPP – Net primary production

RCP – Reference concentration pathways, in IPCC

SFA – Scientific Focus Area

SOC – Soil organic carbon

SOM – Soil organic matter

TDN – Total dissolved nitrogen

TES – Terrestrial Ecosystem Science

TOC – Total organic carbon

TN – Total nitrogen