Current Team Members

Margaret Torn

Margaret Torn is Lead Principal Investigator and Laboratory Research Manager for this project. She oversees research, budget, personnel and reporting, and ensures project success. She also is Task 1 lead.

Susan Sprinkle, portrait

Susan Sprinkle

Susan Sprinkle is the Program Operations Analyst for this project, responsible for budget tasks, meeting organization, and coordination tasks.

Cristina Castanha

Cristina Castanha is Principal Research Associate for this project, working on field sites and in the Soil Laboratory.

Katerina Georgiou

Katerina Georgiou is a graduate research assistant, about to complete her doctoral work with UC Berkeley’s Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering. Her work on this project focusses on experiments and modeling associated with Tasks 1, 3 and 4.

Eoin Brodie

Eoin Brodie serves as Task 2 lead. He is a microbiologist and ecologist specializing in soils. He studies feedbacks among microbial composition, physiology and metabolism, and the physical and chemical properties of the environment. He’ll oversee in-situ quantification of microbial carbon use efficiency, turnover, and functional trait distributions related to variance in soil profile physical-chemical properties and in response to warming, nutrients and water.

Jennifer Soong

Jennifer Soong is a postdoctoral fellow who studies soil ecology, biogeochemistry and ecosystems. She is participating in Tasks 1 and 3 field experiments and lab studies.

Peter Nico

Peter Nico serves as Task 3 lead. Peter brings deep expertise in molecular scale soil studies. He specializes in soil chemistry’s mechanisms and processes important to carbon and metal cycling in soils. He is leading the Task 3 efforts for characterization, experimentation and synthesis, and coordinating interactions between Task 3 activities and other tasks and key external partners.

Rachel Porras

Rachel Porras is a Senior Research Associate, whose expertise is in stable isotope geochemistry, soil carbon, radiocarbon analysis, and environmental geochemistry and biogeochemistry cycling.

Rose Abramoff

Rose Abramoff is a postdoctoral fellow who studies the effect of global change on biogeochemical cycling in soils. Her work will synthesize field data into numerical models of soil organic matter decomposition and stabilization, focusing on mechanisms that determine the rate of SOM turnover, such as sorption of SOM to mineral surfaces and microbial activity. The ultimate goal of her work is to derive general principles of SOM turnover and apply these principles at the global scale using terrestrial biosphere models. She is participating in Task 4.

Bill Riley, portrait

Bill Riley

Bill Riley serves as Task 4 lead. Bill is a terrestrial ecosystem modeler with over20 years experience developing, testing and analyzing land models. His work in numerical models covers soil microbial dynamics, effects of abiotic processes such as mineral surface interactions, nutrient competition between microbes and plants, watershed-scale hydrological and biogeochemical processes, and climate -scale carbon and nutrient cycle processes.

Past Team Members

Caitlin Hicks Pries

Caitlin Hicks Pries collaborated on expanding soil experiments at Blodgett. Dr. Pries, who is now an assistant professor at Dartmouth College, was an LBNL postdoctoral researcher when she participated in setting up earlier warming experiments during Phase 1 of the TES project.